Hoyts Cinemas

The revitalisation of Hoyts cinemas in Australia by PMDL is aimed at revolutionising the cinema-going experience by introducing advanced experiences and lighting. The goal is to establish a premier entertainment destination that exceeds the ordinary movie theatre.

The cinemas have been equipped with our latest warm-to-dim lighting technology from the Mono & Accent product range, which has been incorporated seamlessly into the design and architecture. Lighting is a critical component in creating a captivating experience for movie-goers, as dynamic and interactive lights enhance the visual and auditory aspects of the films.

Along with lighting, the newly renovated Hoyts cinemas also offer a range of innovative experiences, including interactive seats and screens, and sophisticated sound systems, providing a completely immersive and engaging movie-going experience.

PMDL’s revamp of Hoyts cinemas in Australia is a significant effort to upgrade the cinema experience through the integration of advanced experiences and lighting technology. This redevelopment offers movie-goers a unique and unforgettable entertainment experience that exceeds their expectations.